New projects, open calls and tips for co-creation events planning!

Co-Creation Update 2018 #2

One of the aim of the ERASMUS+ funded project Co-Create is to raise awareness, highlight facts and disseminate current developments in co-creation and co-design. To this end it publishes Co-Creation Updates. What follows is our selection of the most relevant contents on the topic spotted in February.

Artenprise: Artists Developing Entrepreneurial Skills

The website of the project Artenprise, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Project of the European Union, is now online. The project will support artists, cultural organizations and professionals to develop and improve their entrepreneurial skills. These are the skills that are necessary to potentially make your art or creative work more financially rewarding.

 DesignEuropa Awards

The DesignEuropa Awards celebrate excellence in design and design management among Registered Community Design (RCD) holders, whether they are individual right holders, small businesses or large enterprises. Applications are now open and until the 15 May 2018. Design is a key driver of innovation and growth. Studies show that design-intensive industries generate 12% of all jobs in the EU and almost 13% of its GDP. And investment in design pays off: companies that own designs have, on average revenue that is 38% higher per employee than firms that do not.

Feb 5, GOInternational, Finland: “The Future Smart City”, Interview with Anne Stenros

“In the future, cities will evolve from being ‘smart’ to being ‘responsive’, meaning that the citizens will move from the centre of attention to the centre of action”. Read the whole interview here.

Feb 7, eventplanner: “How to Design a Co-Creation Event”

“Event co-creation shapes both the present and future of the meetings industry. By fostering collaboration between the attendees, co-creation becomes the ultimate tool for real-time contributions and value. So if you want to level up your attendees’ experience by letting them co-create the event itself, here’s how you can do it”.

Feb 9, Virve Miettinen, Finland: Making Libraries Matter/ Citizens at the Heart of Planning

Co-creating the New Central Library in Helsinki. A user designer community – Central Library’s Friends.

Feb 11, Forbes: “The Co-Creation Imperative: How To Make Organizational Change Collaborative”, by Carsten TamsFeb

“To date, application of co-creation platforms has focused primarily on customer engagement, but these platforms hold equal promise for co-producing organizational change. Co-creative platforms can support a broad range of change objectives, from implementing new technology, post-merger integration, restructuring, or culture transformation”.

Feb 14, ejinsight, Hong Kong: “Co-creation and collaboration key to smart city development” , by Winnie Tang

Feb 15, snark – space making, Bologna, Italy: “Collective practices of celebration and creation”

Could a party in an asylum seekers’ center be a chance for self-determination and for cultural experimentation? This report reviews snark’s experience in the workshops for creation of a party in asylum seekers’ center Villa Aldini.

Feb 22-24, Kingdom of the Netherlands in collaboration with The Craft and Design Institute and Future Cape Town: #cocreate DESIGN FESTIVAL “Beyond the crisis”

The #cocreate DESIGN FESTIVAL is the launch of a first collaborative public design festival that seeks to celebrate and examine the power of design as a solution driven process for innovation and problem solving to address current socio-economic and environmental challenges.



CO-CREATE is a European cooperation project that will create and distribute a brand new curriculum on co-design: a set of valuable design skills that has gained increased relevance in recent years and can no longer be ignored. The curriculum will allow education institutions across Europe to provide their students with all the hands-on knowledge they will need to apply this process to their future professional practice.