Plants-Libraries-Economies-Technologies: What is not co-designed today ?

CoCreation Update 2018 #1

The ERASMUS+ funded project Co-Create aims also to raise awareness, highlight facts and disseminate current developments in co-creation and co-design. To this end it publishes Co-Creation Updates, starting in Januar 2018.

CoCreating Post-Capitalism
P2P (Peer to Peer) Foundation, Evonomics, The Next System Project, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking are reimagining the global economy. The proposed models are even more varied: from complexity, to post-growth, de-growth, land-based, regenerative, circular, and even the deliciously named donut economics.

TED Fellows in CoCreation
@EcoworldReactor showcases the 2018 TED Fellows finding inspiring solutions to global problems.

What saving lifes has to do with co-designing ?
Find out at @ExploreWellcome exhibition co-curated by @csmgraphics programme director Rebecca Wright

Forbes: How a smartcity and its property is cocreated ?
Who should operate #municipal #Infrastructure and own #city #data In a #smartcity ? Who will finance #smartcities ecosystem?

CoCreation is changing education and technology and design itself
Brano Frk at about learning designers, learning technology  and an interview about the smart learning.

Borderline Offensive: Call for Košice Artist in Residence
In collaboration with K.A.I.R. – Košice Artist in Residence, we are part of BORDERLINE OFFENSIVE – LAUGHING IN THE FACE OF FEAR (2017-2020), a partnership of 12 countries in Europe and the Middle East, using humour and art to mediate intercultural dialogue and tackle societal challenges as framed by the so-called xenophobia/populism/migrant crisis.

Invasive plants create a local model of circular economy
Design collective Trajna is part of the APPLAUSE (Alien PLAnt SpEcies) project that got funded by Urban Innovative Actions initiative for circular economy projects! For the next three years we’ll be developing solutions regarding invasive alien plant species management by initiating new circular economies and the zero-waste approach. The project will be led by the City of Ljubljana in a partnership with Public Waste company Snaga, Universty of Ljubljana, company Tisa d.o.o., Institute Jožef Stefan, Association Tipo Renesansa and other partners on the project.

Interview Zala Velkavrh
by ProstoRož, co-founder of Design Collective Trajan:

Redesign State Library of Victoria
The State Library of Victoria sought over a twelve week period to understand current state service delivery, identify opportunities for service improvement and innovation and to generate, prototyped and tested concepts .The new service designs set the organisation up for a digital future; and the a changing role of State Libraries

CO-CREATE is a European cooperation project that will create and distribute a brand new curriculum on co-design: a set of valuable design skills that has gained increased relevance in recent years and can no longer be ignored. The curriculum will allow education institutions across Europe to provide their students with all the hands-on knowledge they will need to apply this process to their future professional practice