Patricia Stark: “Co-design is not always easy, but in the end you achieve much more involvement and commitment towards the outcome”

Patricia is an expert on innovation, co-creation and creativity. She works together with industrial enterprises to unleash their creative potential in order to explore challenges and opportunities for the future. Patricia led a workshop on “How might we enable users to design the future together with us?” at the #CoCreateEU event held in Bilbao last November. Now, we are pleased to share this short interview to Patricia with you. Keep reading to learn more about her and her visions on co-creation!

What was your first personal initiation with co-design? 

Actually, I was involved in co-design processes long before I knew that this as called co-design. From my understanding as soon as you work together with others (users, customers, colleagues…) on a specific matter you co-design in one way or another. My first personal initiation with co-design in my professional carrier was the development of a banking statement printer.

Please name a project which is for you a best practice in co-design and explain the reasons why.

There are so many great projects out there that it is hard to decide. For inspiration I really believe the SEAD network ( around Angelo Vermeulen is doing a great job, combining not only various stakeholders but also different disciplines in order to “reimagine and reshape” the future.

What is the benefit of co-design for you personally? 

I really believe in the power of teams and of diverse backgrounds. Co-design is not always easy, but in the end you achieve much more involvement and commitment towards the outcome. And, very personally, I like working with others and like that every co-design challenge is different.

Please take a look in the future: What will be – to your expectations – the most important co-design success in 2030?

That schools have recognized the potential of co-design and educate team players.