Co-create workshop in Bilbao: a new advanced design center in the Basque Country?

Bilbao Edition

Last 14th and 21st of June, we carried out another “Co.Design for Creative Professionals” workshop, this time in Bilbao. The main goal of the set of workshops was aimed at exploring the potential implications of a future Advanced Design Center in the Basque Country. More specifically, the workshop focused on understanding the concerns and aspirations of the design community towards the project and it involved different generations of professional industrial, service, graphic, interior and other types of designers as well as educational institutions including perspectives of both students and teachers into it.

The workshop was structured in two main parts. The first day it revolved around the concept of co-creation and the definition and common understanding of the main challenge: the conceptual and organizational model for an Advanced Design Center. The activities were facilitated by trainers Brigitte Sauvage and Ane Irizar and included a variety of tools adapted to each step. It started with a game that served as an ice-breaker and then it evolved through individual and group exercises that allowed the participants to create a common vision.

The second day of the workshop was built upon that main idea, and focused on how to articulate such a center: what kind of structure it may have, who is involved and how it answers the challenges of the stakeholders. All in all, the workshop was successful in creating a better understanding of the project, offering interesting perspectives of solutions and helped the design community spirit to keep growing in the region.

This training is part of the Erasmus + project / key action 2 − “CO.CREATE − CO.Design education and training for creative professionals”.

More workshops are coming in July, working on separate design field challenges: on Service Design (CIKE, Slovakia); on Inclusive Design (CREARE, Austria), and on Urban Design (ECBN, the Netherlands).

In this series of national workshops, trainers are asked to implement, use, test and evaluate in their own environment what they gained and learned at the “Train the Trainer” workshop held in Linz, Austria, on the 12-14 February 2018