Best Practice #10: Revealed Hands – Human and business achievements

Revealed hands, a project led by the Oloop design collective, is an example for social economy. The outcome of the project is a collection of products created by marginalized and underprivileged groups, such as immigrants and people with disabilities. They participate in the workshops for a number of reasons: to work with textile, gain financial independence, socialize and learn new skills.

The process is based on workshops, lectures and co-creation sessions. According to designers, the critical factor during the whole process is to gain the trust of the participants. Another crucial factor is to let go of past experiences. In other words, showing people that creativity starts the moment they use their own knowledge in a new setting, in a new way.


Gaining the trust
Gaining the trust from the participants is the main objective. Another crucial factor is to let go of past experiences. That means, showing them that creativity starts as soon as they use their know-how in a new setting, in a new way.

Co-Create Best Practice Full Report 2017

Contact: Tjaša Bavcon, Oloop Design, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Foto Credits: Oloop Design; Aleksander Lilik, Kristjan Jarni, Oloop archive