Best Practice #10: Revealed Hands – Human and business achievements

Revealed hands, a project led by the Oloop design collective, is an example for social economy. The outcome of the project is a collection of products created by marginalized and underprivileged groups, such as immigrants and people with disabilities. They participate in the workshops for a number of reasons: to work with textile, gain financial independence, socialize and learn [...]

Best Practice #9: Open Innovation Challenge

Open Innovation Challenge The Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB installed an Open Innovation Lab at Vienna Central Station. A space for employers, internal and external innovators and managers to co-create and bring ideas to life. First of all, ÖBB organized an Online Open Innovation Challenge to gather ideas on relevant topics like find your seat easily, wellbeing at train [...]

Best Practice #7: BIO – The Biennial of Design, Slovenjia

BIO – THE BIENNIAL OF DESIGN IN LJUBLJANA, SLOVENJIA BIO – The Biennial of Design in Ljubljana is an international platform for new approaches in design. It is structured as a long-term collaborative process, where teams of designers and multidisciplinary agents develop alternatives to established systems. BIO works as a testing ground, where design is employed [...]

Best Practice #6: LivadaLAB – 20-30 years old to govern urban green areas

LivadaLAB - how 20-30 years old can participate in governance of urban green areas?!   Since 2014, GREEN SURGE (EU consortium for Connecting People and Nature for Sustainable Cities) has been working together with the Learning Alliance LivadaLab to bring together thirty youth experts, students and unemployed young people (18-30 years old) to develop, test and demonstrate an alternative [...]

Best Practice #4: QUADERN 3615

QUADERN 3615 The Education Department of Fundació Joan Miró proposed a special Christmas activity related to the exhibition Miró y el Objeto to publish a book. The book was co-created among Las Cuscusianas (a collective community), Fundación Miró de Barcelona, the printing press Associació Automática and anyone else who would like to participate. The project ended up in [...]

Best Practice #3: i-SIT Chair

i-SIT project  The i-SIT project has explored and tested a systematic user-driven innovation process in the development of a seating/ resting furniture by integrating the needs of elderly/ seniors and disabled people. Another purpose of the project was to implement cross-disciplinary knowledge and to create functional as well as aesthetic furniture that meets future requirements for seating [...]

CoCreation Best Practice #1: “škola a komunita” – school and community.

SAK – SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY ŠAK is the abbreviation for “škola a komunita” – school and community. It began with the understanding of school as an institution with excellent disposition of public space that could be offered to its neighbourhood. The main idea of this project was to create a “shared physical space” (school yard, inside [...]