“No matter how many times you do it, teamwork is always a singular experience” #TrainTheTrainers

Video-Interview with Petra Černe Oven, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Department, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Petra Černe Oven: “The first thing is that I’m now in the mood that we should continue, we just started! The second thing is that I already see scenarios where I’m going to apply each of the things we’ve learnt here. This is good, I got a lot of ideas! And the last thing I want to comment is that teamwork is actually difficult! No matter how many times you do it, every time is singular and is an individual experience, and you just have to be really prepared to handle it” #TrainTheTrainers #CoCreate

CO-CREATE is a European cooperation project that will create and distribute a brand new curriculum on co-design: a set of valuable design skills that has gained increased relevance in recent years and can no longer be ignored. The curriculum will allow education institutions across Europe to provide their students with all the hands-on knowledge they will need to apply this process to their future professional practice.

CO-CREATE has been made possible with the aid of European funding, made available through the Erasmus+ framework.

It is an initiative of six partners committed to supporting the creative industries sector across Europe: Creative Region (Austria), University of Art and Design (Austria), Academy of Fine Arts and Design (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Deusto University (Spain), Creative Industry Kosice (Slovakia) and the European Creative Business Network (The Netherlands).