Artist and Dropbox at SXSW: Maximum Diversity to Co-Create?!

Co-Creation Update 2018 #3

The ERASMUS+ funded project Co-Create aims to raise awareness, highlight facts and disseminate current developments in co-creation and co-design.

Feb 27, And Action: A guide to enhancing the collaboration between universities and companies, by Research Services of the University of Helsinki

“Universities are increasingly expected to influence social and economic development not only through their traditional duties of teaching and research, but also through public engagement. “Sharing” or “transferring” knowledge to the wider community or business and industry is no longer sufficient. Instead, new forms of interaction are necessary, and the most interesting among them include the various models of co-creation”.

Feb 27, Asia P3 Hub: Asia’s 1st Multi-sector Partnership Incubator

Connecting governments, companies, NGOs  and academia to tackle poverty issues.

Mar 3, Krista Keranen:‏ International Survey on Design Thinking Tools and Methods

“Take part of a survey that supports you in understanding design thinking tools and methods #designthinking #cocreation”.

Mar 7, Triggers (brainstorming tool for creatives): ”Why creatives should run more co-creation sessions”

“It seems like lately a lot of design firms and creative shops decide to co-create the ideas and projects with their clients and users, instead of working the ideas themselves. If you haven’t done it already, we recommend you to try it out. Not because it’s a trend, but because it has positive points you should consider”.

Mar 12, ADWEEK: “Dropbox Unlocks Creative Energy at SXSW With 3 Poignant Murals From 6 Different Artists”

“Dropbox aims to inspire the world to unleash its creative energy—and it’s staying on brand at SXSW this year with three co-created murals (no, not quite Three Billboards-style) from up-and-coming artists. With the activation, Dropbox wants to “tell our story about helping people to collaborate, find flow and work together in a meaningful way,” said Carolyn Feinstein, Dropbox chief marketing officer”.

Mar 12, Wikitoki: European Social Labs Co-created Manifesto

“Through different working sessions & mixed groups during the #SocialDesign #ElevationDays2018 #HansSauerAwards #Munich the 7 #European #SocialLabs finalists we have #cocreate -d our own #Manifesto #WorkInProgress #DesigningFutures”.

Mar 16, Osservatori Digital

“Il cluster più grande di #startup #DesignThinking (66 su 150) supporta un approccio #CreativeConfidence . Le #startup si distribuiscono lungo le fasi: #engage – #codesign – #involve – #codevelop #DTB18”.


Mar 23, Creative Region (Linz & Upper Austria): “Wir leihen dir unser WERKZEUG. Kostenlos”

“Hast Du schon einmal richtig gute Produktfotos gebraucht? Hat Deine Nähmaschine kurz vor der WearFair oder dem Feschmarkt den Geist aufgegeben? Wäre Dein Prototyp längst fertig, wenn du nur einen Akkubohrer, Plotter oder ein Aufnahmegerät hättest? Das alles gehört jetzt der Vergangenheit an, denn wir haben ab sofort das passende Equipment für Dich!”.

Mar 27, Creative Region (Linz & Upper Austria): Joseph Binder Award 2018

“The Joseph Binder Award is an international competition with a focus on graphic design and illustration and was first launched in 1996 by designaustria, the interest organization and knowledge centre for design in Austria. It is named after one of the most outstanding graphic designers and illustrators active in Austria between the two World Wars, who subsequently also revolutionized visual communication in the United States”.